Letters and comments from our pilgrims

Here are few words and photos from pilgrimages and from people who traveled with us in the past few years.

Gordon, Thank you so much for the help you gave our family in planning our pilgrimage. We so much had been looking forward to this opportunity for a year and a half and you made it all come together for us. The hotel was great and Marija was fantastic! What a blessed way to start Holy Week. I pray travel is safe again soon and that you will be...


Thank you so much for the help you gave our family in planning our pilgrimage. We so much had been looking forward to this opportunity for a year and a half and you made it all come together for us. The hotel was great and Marija was fantastic! What a blessed way to start Holy Week. I pray travel is safe again soon and that you will be very busy in the future.

The Richleys,

Carolin, Andrew, Joan, Micaela, Annalise

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Europe Catholic Shrines Pilgrimage, Oct. 9 - 20, 2017 - Poland - Czechia - Austria - Hungary - Croatia 

Europe Catholic Shrines Pilgrimage, Oct. 9 - 20, 2017 - Poland - Czechia - Austria - Hungary - Croatia 

Hello Gordan,

Thank you for your kind message.

I’m back at hospital, with great memories of your pilgrimage.

I am very impressed with the group and your program. Actually I was able to experience many beautiful places for the first time, some of them even in my home country of Poland.

It was a true joy to travel with a group of spiritual people who appreciate more then just sights. 

Have a great fall season and if in need of a priest you know my number/email.

Fr. Maciej


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Centennial of the Fatima Apparitions, Oct. 5 - 14, 2017, Pilgrimage to Barcelona - Lourdes - Burgos - Fatima

Centennial of the Fatima Apparitions, Oct. 5 - 14, 2017, Pilgrimage to Barcelona - Lourdes - Burgos - Fatima

Dear Gordan,

We arrived home yesterday ....With the great success of Our Pilgrimage!

Everyone was happy and really enjoyed the journey from Barcelona until Fatima
All hotels.. meals.. guides.
Paola and Jose .. Top Notch.
Thank You ...for memorable 100 Anniversary of Our Lady.

God Bless
Barcelona - Lourdes - Fatima


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Gina Pine, Marian Shrines Tour, Fatima & Medjugorje for the Centennial of Fatima,   Oct. 9 - 21, 2017

Gina Pine, Marian Shrines Tour, Fatima & Medjugorje for the Centennial of Fatima,   Oct. 9 - 21, 2017

Dear Gordan,

Heartfelt thanks for everything you did for us to make this pilgrimage run so smoothly!

Glory be to God! It was amazing!

I just regret you not being able to meet us at any juncture, even for a day!

I would love to have hugged you in gratitude in person!

Gina Pine

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Fr.Albert Sam, Archdiocese of Perth, 21 days Europe Catholic Tour, Sept 27 - Oct. 15, 2017

Fr.Albert Sam, Archdiocese of Perth, 21 days Europe Catholic Tour, Sept 27 - Oct. 15, 2017

Hi Gordan.

Greetings. We have reached home safe and sound. Thank you for organizing the pilgrimage so well, everyone enjoyed the trip. Once again thank you and convey our greetings to all your family.

With best wishes,

Fr. Albert Sam
Italy Shrines Tour

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World Youth day, Krakow August 2016, Diocese Tyler, Texas

World Youth day, Krakow August 2016, Diocese Tyler, Texas


Everything was excellent.  The hotels, the food, Marcelina, Camiel, and everything else. 

We had a great experience and your staff exceeded my expectations. 

I felt bad having to change dinner times just a few days out.  Everything did work out – and there was never a time that was frustrating except for when I landed in Frankfurt and wasn’t sure what was going on.  A detailed itinerary (even if it gets adjusted a bit) would have helped a lot. 

Other than that – We were all very very pleased.  I’m thankful that you worked with our payment schedule and all the people that we worked with.  I hope to use your travel services again soon. 

I will be planning a mission trip next summer, a pilgrimage to Rome/Assisi in 2018 and one to Panama in 2019.  I’ll be in contact with you over the next few months. 

Mark Knox
PIlgrimage Coordinator of the World Youth Day in Krakow with Bishop Strickland
WYD Krakow & Vienna August 2016
Diocese Tyler, Texas, USA

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I thank you for you have done great! 
I hope to work with you for the next pilgrimage.

God bless,
Fr. Felix Cazares

Italy & Medjugorje Pilgrimage
Oct. 23 - Nov. 7, 2015

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Moring Gordan,

I wanted to send you a quick message to let you know that I loved our Pilgrimage, my favorite was Medjugorje not only for the Blessed Mary, but for the beauty of Croatia. I loved Silva, I loved Dragan, Miro as well we had very little time with him. I hope to take my family back one day to your beautiful country full of wonderful people, great food and breathtaking scenery.

Keep me in the loop for Holy Land Tour in future, make sure Silva is the tour leader! 

PS....If I put together a Pilgrimage in future I would like to go through you,

Mrs. Mary Scaturchio  - TPI Travel

Sept/Oct. 2015
Marian Shrines Tour

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Dear Mr. Gordan:

Sincerely wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas season filled with peace, happiness and a prosperous New Year 2016.
I did not get a chance to write to you sooner because my computer has virus. Just cleaned up but still some other issue still exists on a computer.
Thanks for organizing such a beautiful pilgrimage trip. Thanks for the wonderful tour guides, 
Thanks for everything.

May God return abundance graces to you and your family for all the wonderful works that have done for the pilgrims.

Thank You & God bless,

Anna Nguyen

Medjugorje - Rome - Lourdes - Fatima Anniversary
120 people on Tour from Sept. 28 - Oct. 15, 2015

Marian Shrines & Medjugorje Tour

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Greetings from New Jersey!!!

Hello Mr. Gordan,

I just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the wonderful tour that you provided for us, I enjoyed every step of a way, the Ireland experience was unforgettable, the scenarios, the food was excellent, especially the farewell dinner, with the music and dancing, wow!!!. In France I enjoyed the Shrines and Cathedrals were fascinating, Paris, Lourdes the candlelight procession the baths, etc. I definitely look forward to traveling with you again sometime in the future, maybe next year.

Thank you again, and may God bless you

Arminda Argandona (Mindy)
September 2015

Ireland & France Tour

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Dear Gordan,

Thank you for amazing trip.
Everything was very smooth. Dennis was amazing he was rely great tour guy - funny and loaded with story of Ireland and tradition.

Thank you Gordan for another great tour.

God bless you

Fr. Zenek, S.D.S.
New Jersey 

Oct. 2014

Ireland Tour

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"Sumptuous farewell Dinner with my Marian pilgrims family! Compliments from Gordan, thank you much!
Great memories at Split...great company, delicious seafood fresh from the harbor!! 
Farewell pilgrims, it was a wonderful, blissful journey with you all...until our next pilgrimage next year in Italy!



From Mrs. Xenia Maye - Pilgrimage coordinator
Marian Shrines Tour
Sept/Oct. 2014

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Dear Gordan,

We got home on Sat. It was a great trip. Everyone was so pleased. I can't thank you enough for all your hard work..... You did a great job for us. Several people from home and from the trip asked me to do another trip next year.
The interpreters were very good. The one in Italy was very-very good, Elana. Medjugorje was great also. Dragan and myself had a wonderful time....

Mr. Dwello,
September 2014
Medjugorje Tour


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We have taken many trips using Blue Heart Travel and have never been disappointed with any of them. Traveling in a country that you have never visited can be very stressful, and if done wrong, very frustrating and costly. When touring with Gordon and Blue Heart Travel, it is obvious that they have been to the areas and researched everything thoroughly. They are well known by the owners and proprietors of the local businesses. It is always a fun and relaxing experience.

The hotels are always quality and in a setting close to the center of attraction. The restaurants are very unique and the food is excellent, and usually one of the local specialties (often with entertainment). Tour guides are professional, friendly, knowledgeable and easy to understand. The bus drivers are amazing, maneuvering their buses in areas that I would not drive my car into. Never a long walk and never carrying luggage.

Our Canonization Pilgrimage and Cruise was a special treat. Being with a million people in St Peter's Square during the Canonization of the two popes was a once in a lifetime event. Probably many lifetimes. The visit to the many sites in Rome was wonderful. I highly recommend the cruise on MSC. Having a priest to offer daily Mass was a nice benefit.

Our excursions into Loreto, Ephesus, Istanbul, Split, and Venice were special trips that most of the other people on the cruise wished they could have done with us. Nicely done, with great tour guides

The Grecian Islands of Santorini and Cephalonia are certainly beautiful and worth a visit.

Thank you, Gordon, for a wonderful time.

Thomas & Laraine Soltysiak, Michigan
Tour Leaders 
Canonization Tour, Rome & Cruise to Turkey, Greece & Italy
(Rome, Venice, Loreto, Ephesus, Istanbul, Santorini, Split, Venice)

Catholic Shrines of Italy

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Dear Gordan and Kevin,

I just wanted to say a word of thanks to you for making my group's pilgrimage to Lourdes and Paris possible. Everyone in my group enjoyed the trip and had a good time. 

The flights on Air France and the TGV train were all smooth and pleasant. The hotels were good. The guides and drivers were all kind and helpful. David, the driver in Lourdes, decided to bring us a little too early to train station; and Renee, the guide in Paris, arranged a Mass for us instead of showing us around at Rue de Bac; but overall everything was good. 

Thank you again for making all the arrangements. I look forward to working with you on future trips!

God bless!

Fr. Vincentius Do
Lourdes Pilgrimage
August 2014

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Dear Gordan,

God Bless Us All!!
We got back to the USA yesterday morning, June 12, 2014 after 10 days of Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
It's a lifetime dream to experience this kind of Pilgrimage. It could have been done without your help, our Huong, our Msgr. Hodge and our great historian Hani and our driver.
Please extend, our personal regards & thank you to Hani. We definitely miss him. He is one of a kind!!

Myself & my husband, Ramon
are so grateful for all the great experience we had for the last 10 days.

Also, thank you to my cousins Edna & Eddie for joining us.

We are looking again to have another Pilgrimage & to see you all again in the near future.

Come & Visit us here in the USA.

Kind Regards,
Emma & Ramon Javier

Holy Land Tour

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Good morning Mr. Gordan,

I really thank you for everything that you have done for the group, everyone is very satisfied, especially Msgr. Hodge!
The Vietnamese groups were very impressed. They're already talking about doing the next trip with to Europe. Monsignor wants to do a pilgrimage to Ireland with you...☺️☺️☺️☺️. 
Thank you again Mr. Gordan

Mrs. Huong Tran - pilgrimage coordinator
June 2014
Holy Land Pilgrimage

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Hi Gordan,

Just wanted to let you know that we made it home okay. Sr. Dina and one of the Maria's did not have one of their bags when we arrived in San Francisco. 
I hope they have them by now. I haven't heard anymore about them.
Everyone was happy with our tour...... They understand things happen beyond our control. Like the luggage not arriving with the passenger.
We all want to thank you again for the wonderful time we had together with you on our pilgrimage.
It was a blessing for all of us. 

Ms. Adena Statzer
Pilgrimage coordinator for Friends Of Redeemer Group, San Francisco
Oct. 2013 - Turin - Milan - Madonna Del Sasso in Locarno - Padua - Venice - Florence - Assisi - Rome

Catholic Shrines of Italy

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Hello Gordan!

Thank you for a great trip. Was a pleasure to meet you face to face. So right now you know who is Fr Zenek:)
Today I got back from the hospital after my leg procedure, little in pain but will be ok for the next trip to Ireland. Please put something together for the end of May or beginning of June.
Gordan my home is open for you and your family at any time when you visit NY or NJ.

God bless you

Fr. Zenek
pilgrimage coordinator and spiritual director
Oct. 2013
Fatima - Santiago - Lourdes

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Dear Gordan,

I would like to thank you so much for the services given to our group last August 2013
Apart from First Day arrival & Change of Hotels, Everything went very well.
Miky was an Excellent Guide on This Trip, I will be so happy to have him again with us!
Very informative and very supportive.

The Hotel you used in Sarajevo was an Excellent 4stars !!

First Time we do a night stay in Sarajevo, but it’s worth it dear!
Even I recommend next time to arrive the hotel in Sarajevo little early, so people maybe enjoy the facilities available at the hotel

Once again Dear Gordan, Thank you for Everything

May God bless you & Bless your family
Georgette Hajjar

Miss. Georgette Hajjar - manager at Excellent Tours
Medjugorje & Sarajevo Pilgrimage, August 2013

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Dear Gordan,

We are back home and wish to thank you for all the arrangements for our pilgrimage to Israel.
The hotels were all good, also the tour guide, bus, and drivers.
The only comment on the hotel in Bethlehem is that there is no change in menu from one day to the next but great location and accommodation.
The lunches were all very good with one exception - the Temptation restaurant.
We left two bottles of one of our Premium rums for you.

Best regards
Mr. Tulio Jimenez, 

Fiat Apostolate Group
Pilgrimage Coordinator
Holy Land Catholic Tour

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Hello my people, these are the pilgrims (not tourists) from Perth,
Just thought we would drop you a quick note to say A BIG THANK YOU for making our pilgrimage most memorable and enjoyable. Although the days were long and tedious, we still enjoyed the journeys, thanks to your bright and cheerful personalities. If ever the opportunity arose to do this pilgrimage over again, we would love to have the same team of driver and tour guides. 
Dennis thank you for driving us safely over the mountains, despite what the GPS advised. It was a great pleasure having your company over the four weeks. We hope we can catch up with you sometime in the future.
Leonor and Silvija, thank you for your guidance and humour along the way. It was soooo sad to say goodbye but we hope we can do the tour over again sometime soon. Your depth of knowledge and guidance each day was exceptional and will be highly recommended.

Kindest regards and God Bless,

22 DAY CATHOLIC PILGRIMAGE: Portugal - Spain - France - Italy, Sep. 7 - 28, 2012
Group from Archdiocese of Perth

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Dear Gordan,

What a spectacular trip!!! Thank you for making it a big success. My children and I (and everyone in our group actually) truly enjoyed it. The hotels were top notch (especially in Fatima, Avila, and Medjugorje) and the food was excellent everywhere we went! I can honestly say that I enjoyed every tour and every visit. I only wish we were able to spend more time in Avila but time did not permit. Thank you especially for arranging Mass at the Church where St Anthony was baptized, the Convent of St Joseph (to find out there was a jubilee indulgence was very special for us), and for the Mass at Dubrovnik and Mostar too. YOUR GOING THE EXTRA MILE IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! Your tour guides were all excellent especially Sylvia! She was a treasure!
The highlight was definitely Medjugorje and everything about it was very special. I hope and pray to go back soon! 
It was a pleasure working with you and meeting you in Medjugorje. 

Thank you again for all you have done and may God bless you and your family
In His Love

June/July 2012

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Dear Gordan,

As you see, how joyful, happy and peaceful all of us after did the trip to Medjugorje via Vienna, we really very enjoyed the Christmas in Vienna and have attended the Christmas mass which celebrated by Cardinal Schorborn. The hotel was so perfect, just nice and so easy for us to go to anywhere by walking distance, surrounded by shops and restaurant, we also went to the concert, we are really appreciated and so blessed to let you arranged the wonderful trips for us.

We love Vienna so much, and will come back to Vienna again sometimes, and to Medjugorje too. We would like to visit more often to Medjugorje and other places too and will introduce to our friends and relatives to you Gordan, so they also will have a good and wonderful experiences too, as we had in our pilgrims trips.

We will stay in touch with you and will introduce our friends and relatives to you.

Wishing you to have lots of the Lord blessing in 2012 and God bless you always!

Peace in Christ,
Cynthia Leowardy and family
Oakville, Canada.

Family pilgrimage to Vienna & Medjugorje
Dec 24 2011 - Jan 4, 2012

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Hi Gordon

Thank you very much for everything. The itinerary in Lourdes and Paris was excellent. My family thoroughly enjoyed themselves and my wife can’t stop talking about how much she enjoyed the holiday. The tour guides were excellent and very friendly. They made us feel very special. The transfers went very smoothly. My wife says it was the best holiday we have ever had.

Thank you very much, again, for everything

Leslie and family, 
Lourdes - Paris
Nov. 2011

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Good day Gordan,

We are back in Trinidad & Tobago safe and sound.

Many thanks for your assistance and encouragement during our problems in getting to the Holy Land.
We wish to tell you we had a beautiful and spirit-filled pilgrimage.

Please be advised that the Tour Operators were very good. The Driver, George, and the Tour Guide Tony were very professional and did your company proud. 
Also, the assistant at Israel airport, Sami, was very good. 
They are all polite and kind and patient.

Tulio and Lydia 
Fiat Apostolate Trinidad & Tobago
Pilgrimage to Holy Land
August 2011

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Dear Gordon,
We have returned from our trip to Europe on Tuesday and I just wanted to personally thank you for all the arrangements that you made for us while our stay in Medjugorje. Peter's pension was delightful as well as Peter himself. He made us very comfortable and the walk to Apparition Hill was very close from his place as well as to St. James. 
Viktors Restuarant was amazing. The meals were spectacular and Viktor and his staff were very hospitable. My family couldn't wait to have dinner every evening at Viktors. I wish we could bring him to America where he could open a restaurant here.....

God bless you and thank you,
Denise Voithofer, USA

Medjugorje Pilgrimage

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Hi Gordan,
We arrived in Montenegro at around 3:30 pm. I am so grateful for this trip. It was the least stressful I've ever experienced..................Everything we experienced in Mejugorie was perfect, from the meetings with the visionaries to Holy Hour on Saturday night. You truly are a good organizer. I felt safe and like it was worth every penny. 
I will always recommend you for religious trips! 

Please thank your wife for the maslenica idea--now, I'm craving it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!

Ok...................I'll be in touch soon.

Medjugorje Pilgrimage
May 2011


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Hi Gordan,

The trip was so excellent. After looking at around 40 different tour agencies and then speaking to about 15 of them, it was immediately obvious you were the best one. Since I had a young adult group going with various ages from 25-40, we had a different itinerary in mind that involved a lot of activity and creating a tour that was in chronological order, so that we could understand the living Bible. I tried with other agencies and unfortunately, people were either unwilling to change their itineraries or work with my "crazy" ideas!

It was obvious that our tour was organized by a Catholic, since it wasn't just a historical tour, it was also very spiritual. We learned so much, saw more than we could have imagined and had the best journey! Everyone loved that we got a chance to go to Jordan, as well as the Holy Land. It was definitely an experience I will never forget and one that made me understand my faith on a deeper level (and I'm not the only one who said that!)

Happy Advent!

Pilgrimage coordinator

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Hello Gordan!

We wanted to thank you again for your part in making our tour of the Holy Land the amazing tour that it was. Every day was remarkable and special. We still feel it’s' impact, especially at Mass or in reading scripture. We know without your help; these treasured 10 days would not have happened for us. 
The tour guides were wonderful (especially George), drivers excellent (Steve still talks about how we maneuvered through Cairo) and security was great.
We do understand that all that was accomplished because you are professional, you are detailed, and have great "connections"....but how did you manage to get us such perfect weather, too??! (smile) 
We appreciate all that you did, Gordan, and know that it was a big sacrifice for you and your family, as you had just completed another group. 
We will treasure the memories of this tour forever.

Wishing you the Peace and Joy of Christmas,

Steve and Edie Paul
Holy Land Pilgrimage


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Dear Gordan,

We wish to thank you for the beautiful pilgrimage that you accompanied us on. We so appreciated all that extended planning and help with logistics and your friendly presence adding the personal experience and constant attentiveness to our groups needs. It was a pleasure getting to know you better. 
We pray the experience deepened your spiritual life as it increased ours and that your family will be blessed abundantly,

Thank you so much,

God bless you!

Don & Mary Flegel
Holy Land Pilgrimage


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This is Grace,

It was a wonderful experience, Gordan

I can't pick one thing or place that was the best -- each country was so unique. Certainly, the opportunity to have Mass in so many very, very special places was a highlight. And although for many decades, I've read about and seen photos and movies of the Nazi concentration and death camps, it was a very somber moment to actually stand in the structures where such horror occurred. 
Our dining experiences were great! Incredible meals, especially the salads.

And goodness, there was so much wine and beer.

All in all, I couldn't ask for a more pleasurable trip.

Oberammergau Passion Play


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